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Beds & Blinds offers a variety of choices for custom shutters consisting of both composite and wood materials. There are many options available including invisible tilt and beautiful stained wood options. Certain products offer lifetime warranties as well!

Invisible Tilt

Traditional Tilt

The invisible tilt option eliminates the need for the rod in the middle. This feature provides a clean, modern upgrade to windows while allowing large amounts of light to come through. Available in  wood or composite materials. 

Traditional tilt shutters offer that timeless look that you've always seen. Beautiful and elegant, functional and forever, they can be enjoyed for a lifetime. Available in wood or composite materials. 

Visit our showroom and let our knowledgeable staff demonstrate the best option for you!

Composite Shutters 

Composite shutters are a great option for incredible strength, durability, and longevity. These synthetic shutters are not prone to sagging, warping, or color variations. They are an excellent product for South Alabama humidity as well!

Wood Shutters

Wood shutters allow many color options including painted and stained. Wood shutters are great options for extra wide windows and stained wood doors. They provide character and warmth to a room. 

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